Best Travel Tips For Rajasthan Tour

Rajasthan is the most visited place in India. Most of the tourists travel here from all over the world to explore its rich culture and royal tradition. It is the well known place as “”Land of Kings”” in India. It represents the many magnificent fortifications and beautiful palaces that attract the visitors most.
There are lots of things that a traveller must know before plan a Rajasthan Tour. This infographic will let you know the important things that you should know. Like before booking your Rajasthan Tour Package, look at the do’s and don’ts in Rajasthan and many more things along with that as mentioned in the Infographic.
Here are the highlights of the Infographic:

  • Best time to visit
  • Duration of Stay
  • Places to Stay
  • Walking Tours v/s other options
  • Local transport
  • Places to eat
  • Sightseeing at Forts and Palaces

We hope that it would help you much to plan your trip to Rajasthan.
Travel Tips For Rajasthan Tour
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