The best ways to stop cramps before period

Many women are really nervous about cramps before period. It is actually a big problem. So what is the solution to it?Please refer to this article below.
Cramps before period
Cramps before period are the very popular symptoms that a lot of women have to face. During “red lights”, the contractions of the uterus are usually stronger and this causes you feel so painful. Sometimes these problems cause a lot of annoying things. The cause of this problem is because of prostagland in, which is naturally found in human body.
The solution to cramps before period
Diet can affect women’s body during these “red lights” sensitivity. Doctors suggest women cut down on the amount of milk you drink during this period to reduce the chance of swallowing and distention. You ought to avoid fatty foods cramps before menstrual cycle.
Furthermore, you should eat more vegetables, fruit and drink plenty of water, provide plenty of fiber for your body is the easiest method to clean the excess estrogen existed in the body (This is the thing that causes the cycle. Your menstrual period lasts longer and your cramping and bloating gets worse). You should take some physical exercises. Some women find jogging, playing sports or sexual activity can bring relief cramps before period.
A warm pad applied to the abdomen can relieve pain and blockage.
Hope that this article helps you with useful information about cramps before period and helps you find the effective way to solve this problem.

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