Motorparks and Grange celebrate the release of Spectre by looking at Bond cars over the years

British car dealerships Motorparks and Grange are celebrating the release of the 24th James Bond film, Spectre, with a visual which analyses the best of 007’s cars over the decades.
Everything from the eye-catching Aston Martin DB5 and the brand-new Aston Martin DB10 to more modest vehicles like the Renault 11 Taxi and the AMC Hornet X are covered in the infographic.
Each vehicle is covered in detail, with Bond fans able to learn the following about the cars in question:

  • All of the need-to-know driving stats, like how fast it takes the vehicles to get from 0-60mph, their top speeds and how many miles they can do to the gallon.
  • The price tag for each vehicle — there’s some in the list that will not require you to break the bank.
  • Which Bond film(s) they appeared in to help the iconic fictional British Secret Service agent get from A to B in style.
  • A breakdown of the gadgets that Q fitted to the cars to give Bond the edge over his enemies when behind the wheel.
  • Fun facts about the vehicles, ranging from what helps the BMW Z3 stand out from almost any other Bond car to why the Aston Martin DBS will always be associated with Teresa ‘Tracy’ Bond.

Take a ride through movie history and view the entire visual by either clicking here or continuing to scroll this page.Bond Cars

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