Behind The Pink Ribbon (Breast Cancer Awareness)

Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers with an estimated one in every 26 women in South Africa alone, being diagnosed with the disease.

Studies show that up to 70% of breast cancers are found through self-exams, proving that the leading way of detecting breast cancer is by simply being more aware.

In our very own breast cancer awareness effort, our Behind the Pink Ribbon Infographic.
The Infographic is broken up into different sections, each one exploring a different facet of the disease. These are awareness, symptoms, risks, treatment, dos and don’ts for prevention and how to do a self-exam.

The Infographic was consciously designed with the less informed in mind. We hope people will print it out and distribute it to get more involved and educated with breast cancer.

The color pink was used across the board as it’s the color most synonymous with breast cancer awareness. Information and icons used is really easy to understand and adds to the important visual aspect of the Infographic.


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