Build Energy Saving Home for Better Efficiency

This infographic is based on the idea of why and how to build an energy saving home. It explains 4 basic reasons why should someone build an energy efficient home such as to save money, protect the environment, increase the resale value and to make your home a comfortable place for you.
In the next step, it describes the energy rating standard of Australia (6 star) according to NatHERS’s (Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme) energy rating system. It also shows the energy consumption statistics of Australia’s different states and territories. Then it explains the basic parameters (insulation, orientation of the windows, solar panel, and lighting) of making an energy saving home.
In the last section, the infographic simplifies why someone will require an accredited and professional home energy rating assessor, how long it will take to create a home energy rating report and how the energy rating process will be done with maximum accuracy.
Build Energy Saving Home
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