Burgers and Beers

Every man’s lifelong dream, and it will probably taste better in front of a good football game. Hamburgers are strongly associated with American and western culture, especially when it comes to fast food. But all burgers don’t necessarily have to be made fast and be all greasy. Back in the days it was a skill to cook a great hamburger, and all countries have got their own ingredients when making burgers for the local people.
The online casino site JohnSlots recently listed beer and burger combinations from different parts of the world. As you can see in the infographic, not only does the meat itself matters. It also comes down to what sauce, cheese and vegetables you use in the burger. The maltese burger isn’t complete without the local maltese sausage, and you can’t say you’ve been eating a real Brazilian burger if you don’t eat it with the peri peri sauce.
This infographic can really inspire you to cook something new, or simply to impress your friends from other countries. The way it’s designed with flags, beer and showing all the different ingredients makes this post interesting. Also, who doesn’t want to know which local beer you should order in a new country.
Burgers and Beers

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