Small Business Loans for Women

Now more than ever, women have been changing the world of business both as consumers and as business leaders.  This has provided many exciting developments, especially regarding the economic makeup of our society and how businesses cater to their clientele.  When looking at the statistics of women’s contributions to business featured in this infographic, you will see how the impact of women on business has been truly remarkable. Yet, there are still many glass ceilings that women have to face in order for gender equality to truly exist in the business sector.  In many ways, traditional banks have not caught on to how much women play a role in business finance, and this has negatively impacted many women who have sought traditional business funding and have failed to qualify for the funds they need.    This infographic presents data surrounding women in the work force, including the states in the US that have the fastest growing women-owned firms, industries with the highest number of women-owned firms, and the challenges facing women from getting proper business funding.  Shield Funding provides alternative small business financing solutions for this particular sector of society, in order to continue bringing women-owned business as well as female entrepreneurship to the fore of the small business world.


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