Includes latest Internet related infographics along with short summary collected from the web.

Symptoms of infection by adware

Adware can be very annoying. Everyone knows it, but not everyone can get rid of adware. To clean your computer from adware, you need to notice that your computer is infected. For this it is necessary to scan the system using special tools. If you do not want to install additional software, it will be enough to understand how adware …

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Freebies Free Samples -Is It Really Free? Or Is It A Con?

There are many free stuff sites offering freebies, free samples and people often say to themselves are they actually free? In most cases they are, but there are also freebies that will cost money. Check out our infographic that explains to you the process of actual freebies and if they are actually free. Infographic source :

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The History of Online Video

Internet is becoming major source for collecting information and communications for most peoples. It is changing  constantly. It may feel like the days of browsing AOL via a 56k dial-up connection were a lifetime ago – especially since the youngest Internet users have never known a world without high-speed Internet. However, in the grand scheme of things, the internet has …

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Asia’s mobile and broadband internet speeds

Latest infographic about Asia’s mobile and broadband internet speeds There is always this question, what’s your internet speed. Many internet service providers are giving different mobile and broadband data plans. But it does not depend on which data plan you are using or which provider is giving you the connection. It all depends on which region or country are you …

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