Includes latest mobile related infographics along with short summary collected from the web.

Mobile App Development Trends Infographic for 2016

Satisfying the end user is paramount in any business venture. The same is realized in the mobile app industry as well. Developers are bending over backwards to ensure that once a user installs an app onto their phone, they remain engaged with it and keep coming back for more. In 2016, we’ll definitely see a greater focus on developers providing …

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The Mobile Ecosystem

This infographic was designed by internet security experts at Adaptive Mobile to illustrate the many threats facing the mobile ecosystem and the future of interconnected devices. Mobile is the primary way in which friends communicate and businesses interact with their customers. Unfortunately, as powerful a communication tool as mobile can be, criminals have been quick to notice opportunities and exploit …

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The Science Behind Cross-Device Conversion Analytics

With the phenomenal rise in the number of mobile devices and the wide adoption of social media, buyers’ journey has become so complex. Consumers use multiple devices in the path to make purchase decisions that has made businesses guess consumer behavior across multiple devices. This infographic gives you a brief introduction to the concept of connected customers and the scientific …

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Building Mobile Apps with mBaaS

Mobile applications use a lot of common functions like social sharing, push notifications etc. Integrating these functions with backend needs to be done every single time with their APIs. mBaaS, Mobile Backend as a Service, makes this job a lot easier by offering an unified API. Large enterprsie mobility solutions are looking forward to mBaaS as it offers a number …

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Importance of Mobile Insurance

Nothing sucks more than losing your mobile phone. The rising panic when it’s suddenly no longer in your pocket (or even down the back of your sofa) is something we’ve all felt at least once. Three are here to #makeitright. As well as pledging to replace any lost phones within 24 hours with their Three Rescue service, they’ve also created …

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How to Mathematically Take the Perfect Selfie

There’s been a lot of speculation in the media recently with how to take the perfect selfie, and now the team here at The Selfy Store seem to have cracked it. We have conducted hours of painstaking research so that we can present to you how to mathematically take the perfect selfie. Try it for yourselves and let us know …

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