Includes latest shopping related infographics along with short summary collected from the web.

Fruit and Vegetable Prices in Australia

This infographic represents the current prices of fruits and vegetables in Australia. The two columns show fruits on one side and vegetables on the other, with the least expensive per kilogram on the bottom and the most expensive on the top. The prices displayed are the average prices taken from Coles and Woolworth’s (the two largest supermarket chains in Australia). …

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Online Shopping: Pro Tips

The internet is your oyster. Anything you could comprehend is available to buy and get sent straight to your home. And we do mean anything. It’s inexpensive too, the highstreet can’t compete with internet prices. Did we mention that shopping online also saves you from having to leave your house?! Yup. Queues, foul weather, and broken down public transport is …

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Top Secret: Christmas To Do List

The impact of latest technology, social media and websites on Santa – That’s exactly how everyone used to plan these days, and even Santa has no exception while getting ready for his trip to greet the little children this Christmas – Elf just gave Santa a brilliant idea to use the tech gadgets – Now Santa can search for kids …

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Data Breaches and Tokenization

Google pay, Apple pay, PayPal, and old fashioned swipe machines…As we use technology to handle monetary transaction online or offline, we reveal some critical data such as credit card and even social security numbers to various bodies involved in the process. Hackers are becoming better at finding ways to break into even the most sophisticated layers of security put in …

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The Business of Halloween

Ever wanted to know how many UK households welcome trick-or-treaters? Where in the UK the most money is spent on Halloween costumes? How much the USA spent on costumes for pets in 2013? Well now you can! Halloween is here again, and that means a lot of fancy dress, and a lot of cold hard cash. Zombies, witches and skeleton …

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