Chicken Coop Checklist

The problem most people face when they starting keeping their own backyard chickens is that there is such a huge amount of conflicting information out there.
Some people say that you shouldn’t keep chickens in coops, others say that it’s not safe to let them roam free. When it comes to actually building your own coop there are a lot of people who will tell you that it’s crucial that you build a super-duper coop with all the bells and whistles, when in reality the best thing for a beginner is to build something simple and long lasting. It’s better to start off small than to never start.
That’s why I’ve created this infographic. It’s an easy to consume, easy to understand list of the basics which you’ll need to consider when building your own coop. Anything beyond this is an added bonus, but not needed. Hopefully, this checklist will make it easier for beginners to get into this great hobby, without getting hungup on the confusing details.Chicken Coop Checklist

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