Choosing the Right CRM for Your Business

Is your company currently in the market for new CRM software? Is your current software just not living up to your needs and requirements? Maybe this is your first foray into CRMs, as your company has been going through a period of growth and now requires a robust software solution. No matter the reason behind it, choosing the right CRM for your business can be a very trying experience. Clearly, you want to be sure you’re making an informed decision and that you pick the product that will give you the most bang for your buck, but what criteria should you be basing your decision on?
We’ve put together a handy guide you can refer to that highlights some of the most important factors to consider when choosing the right CRM for your company.
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The Budget Comes Into Play
It would be nice to think you could just shop for the best CRM without a care in the world regarding pricing, but the fact is that the majority of businesses are working on a tight budget. As you shop for potential options, you’ll want to look at the pricing very carefully as they can range in price from $12-$45 per month.
User-Friendliness Ranks High
Another high-ranking factor should be how user-friendly the CRM software is. Obviously, there will be some sort of learning curve and training that will be needed, but the hope should be that it is relatively simple to grasp, intuitive, easy to navigate, and rather self-explanatory. You want employees to embrace the new CRM software – not feel overwhelmed, intimidated, confused, or frustrated by it.
It should also be noted that once you do choose a CRM, you’ll need to set up some sort of training session or seminar for employees to take part in so that everyone is on level ground. This is a good way to create consistency right from the start.
Look for a CRM that Allows Integration with Other Software/Apps
Another tip is to look for CRM software that is versatile in that it can be integrated with other software and apps that your company uses. This seamless integration will enhance the functionality of your CRM, allowing it to be used in even more ways. Some good examples are Zoho and Salesforce, and as PieSync points out, CRMs that allow information streamlining and sharing is key. They need to work across all the cloud environments so that employees can access exactly what it is they need.
For those unfamiliar with PieSync, syncing apps is what it’s all about. It gives users a way to effectively bridge that gap between the many apps your company uses and its CRM. It allows for real-time two-way syncing – something that is so vital to businesses. Just think how useful this can be when you’ve got multiple salespeople out in the field conducting sales calls and customer visits. Having access to accurate, complete, and real-time data is key.
It can sync such popular products as Salesforce and Google Contacts, ActiveCampaign and Zoho, and Mailchimp and Zoho.
Can Your CRM Grow with Your Business?
Perhaps your business is just starting to grow and expand, and it hasn’t yet reached its full potential. If that’s the case, you want to be sure you’re picking CRM software that can grow with the business and scale up when necessary. If it can’t grow to meet your demands, then you’ll be stuck back at square one shopping for a new CRM solution.
How In-Depth Are the Analytic Tools and Features?
Any good CRM software should also have a selection of reporting and analytic tools. This is what makes sense of your data and helps the business to craft its marketing message, its product/service line, its processes, and so forth. This in-depth information is key to the very success of the business, so the software needs to have robust tools.
Many of the top CRM software options also allow for dashboard customization. This allows the tool to feel much more unique in that you’re able to get more from it. Customized reports can make a huge difference in terms of how useful the product is.
What About Customer Support?
Despite the fact that the software is all-new and everything should go smoothly, problems can arise. These problems can be software related or user-error. Regardless of the source, you need to know that the CRM offers customer support. Obviously, the faster the support is offered, the more effective it will be.
Does It Allow for the Team to Interact?
The final thing to ask is whether or not the CRM allows for your team of employees to interact, share information, and collaborate no matter what cloud environment they are using.
Plenty to Consider
As you can very well tell, there is plenty worth considering before you go ahead and choose the CRM for your business.

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