Choosing the Right Home Backup Generator

Choosing a home backup generator is a daunting task for many homeowners. With so many different options out there, it can be incredibly difficult to know which model is going to be the best fit for your home and your needs. Lucky for you, the generator professionals at H.O. Feild Electric Co. have created this excellent infographic to showcase Generac’s latest and greatest home backup generators. There are even some fun facts about power outages in the US and a diagram about how home backup generators work.
Most people experience at least one power outage per year at either their home or place of business. These outages are not only irritating, but can be dangerous to people with life supporting medical equipment. On top of being potentially dangerous, a power outage that lasts longer than 24 hours can cause frozen or refrigerated food to spoil, which can be quite an expensive waste depending on what food you have stored.
With a home backup generator, your power will be returned automatically in a matter of seconds following a power outage. This extra protection will help keep your family safe and comfortable during any sort of outage. This infographic can help you determine what kind of backup generator would be the best fit for your home.
Choosing the Right Home Backup Generator
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