Christmas Gifts Your Boyfriend Actually Wants

Shopping for Christmas gifts for that special guy can be a tough task. When asked what he wants, perhaps he responds with a non-committal grunt. Or maybe, he simply has everything you can possibly think of! Well, we’re here to help. This list will give you inspiration for Christmas gifts that he’ll (gasp!) actually love, and actually use. Start reading and let’s get the Christmas shopping started!
1. Concert Tickets
If you’re dating a music aficionado, tickets to an upcoming concert are sure to be a hit. Browse Ticketmaster and see if you can spot events for any of his favorite artists. Surprise him with the tickets on Christmas morning – and wine and dine him the night of.
2. An Adrenaline-Boosting Experience
If your guy loves a thrill, check out You’re guaranteed to get his heart racing with a sky-diving adventure, white water rafting trip, or bungee jumping class. Choose from an array of adventures and give him the gift of experience.
3. A Funny Christmas Sweater
If your boyfriend fancies himself a comedian, play into his sense of humor with some funny Christmas apparel he can wear to all the upcoming festivities – but remember, you’ll have to give him this gift early! Check out Tipsy Elves’ collection of men’s ugly Christmas sweaters; grab him a sweater emblazoned with a cheeky Santa or a buff gingerbread man and wait for the laughter to start.
4. A Bar Cart
Does your sweetheart love a good gin and tonic? Maybe he’s an old-fashioned kind of guy. Whatever his poison, a bar cart is sure to be a welcomed Christmas gift. Shop for masculine bar carts on If you really want to surprise him, set up the cart while he’s sleeping and stock it with all of his favorite drink fixings.
5. A Drone
What is it about dudes and tech toys? If you’re dating a man-child that can’t get enough of the latest gadgets, make his jaw drop with a new drone, capable of soaring to great heights and capturing insane imagery. Watch out – this tech is actually REALLY cool, and you might find yourself sucked in.
6. Nintendo Switch
If you’ve got a gamer on your hands, the Nintendo Switch is the perfect addition to your Christmas revelry. This portable gaming system is sure to keep him busy during all that Christmas travel – no flight boredom here!
7. New Sheets
Okay, okay, maybe this is a gift for you, too, but guaranteed designer sheets are something he never knew he needed. Get a luxe set of sheets with a high thread count. No need to spend a fortune – head to your local Marshall’s and browse their bedding section. Guaranteed you’ll find a heavily-discounted set of nice sheets that will feel like butter. Good luck dragging him out of bed on the weekends!
8. A Standing Desk
If you’re dating a guy that sits at a desk 5 days a week, no doubt you’ve had to work some tension knots out of his back (pssst, make sure he’s returning the favor!). Unsurprisingly, hunching over a computer day in and day out is terrible for your health. If he spends a lot of time at the office, consider investing in a VariDesk. This portable, adjustable standing desk can be pulled up or down, so he can choose to sit and stand as he please throughout the day.
Don’t stress out trying to find your boyfriend a special gift this holiday season. One of these gifts is bound to be a hit, so shop away – then blow him away!

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