Clomid in Pregnancy

The infographic talks about the use of Clomid in pregnancy. We show the major side effects of the drug which is used to treat infertility. Clomid is an inducer of ovulation. It is used by women who wish to get pregnant and for some reason fail.
Among the main indurotes ovulation, Clomid is the most recommended by doctors despite having so many side effects.
Headaches, hot flashes, cramps and mood swings are the main side effects of using Clomid but there are many others. That’s because the drug alters the hormones and makes the body more conducive to conception.
Among the treatments, the use of Clomid is less invasive and painful, and also has a 98% success among moms.
If Clomid does not resolve the advice of doctors is to resort to IVF treatment. The latter has fully different side effects as the methodology applied is another, since the design is outside the body.
To learn more use of Clomid, open our infographic and read detailed information.Clomid in pregnancy

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