Cloud Storage Public Vs Private

The cloud has been a business staple since its conception. It has been a necessity for business continuity and even for our daily personal productivity. Behind every software and app we use, there is most likely a cloud storage that holds them all together.

And while we enjoy its use and benefits, there is this ongoing debate about what is better to use between public and private cloud storage. The straight answer is that it depends on one’s budget, workloads, and security needs. If you’re looking for storage that is quick to set up and involves minimal costs, go for a public cloud. On the contrary, a private cloud is the better option if you want more control, customization, thicker layers of security, and user exclusivity.

However, you only get a surface-level answer from this post. Delving deep into a cloud platform and tailor-fitting a cloud storage model to your needs is still the best approach. For this, you need a cloud consulting service provider in your cloud adoption journey—and we are a capable tech partner to provide you with those services!


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