Coffee In The UK

You think of England – you think of tea lovers! And you are right, people living in the UK, and English people around the world, are still huge tea lovers and drink tea daily. But, coffee is becoming more and more popular, mostly because of the influence from America.
Coffee arrived in the UK in 17th century and people have been drinking ever since. Lately the number of coffee shops has risen and is threatening traditional English pubs. More and more people own a coffee machine and make coffee at home. You can see people sipping Starbucks on their way to work every day all over Britain. We did some research and found some statistics about coffee drinking habits in United Kingdom.
How many cups do they drink per week? How do they compare to other nations? And is Starbucks really the most popular coffee shop? All this, and more fun facts, can be found in this coffee-themed infographic.
Give it a look, while sipping a cup of coffee 😉
Coffee In The UK

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