What Kinds of Buildings are Inspected by a Commercial Building Engineer?

Across the Garden State, there are various kinds of commercial buildings that have complex structural, mechanical, electrical, and safety systems. These structures require a licensed commercial building engineer to highlight their present condition through a property condition assessment NJ and the expenses needed to fix structural issues. These engineers specialize in inspecting several kinds of commercial buildings, which are enclosed structures that utilize at least 50% of the floor space for commercial purposes.
Condominiums and multifamily housing are included in the commercial buildings that a structural engineer inspects. Homeowners Associations (HOAs) usually hire someone to inspect a housing building for maintenance and reduce the risk of special assessments. Many shared elements like walls, ceilings, floors, roofing, interior utilities, sidewalks, and walkways are evaluated in the process.
Additionally, commercial building engineers also inspect office buildings for roof leaks and inadequate heating and ventilation, which can cause unprecedented disruption in business operations. These disturbances can compromise productivity in the workplace. Therefore, office building owners must work with a building inspection engineer NJ to check for potential issues that can impact daily business operations, such as water damage due to ice dams, mold growth, and malfunctioning HVAC system.
Aside from office buildings, a commercial building engineer also conducts a thorough inspection of retail buildings. Long-term leaseholders are often responsible for regular building maintenance, starting with a comprehensive building inspection of the property. The assessment can help property owners ensure that all terms in the contract are met and identify possible solutions to common building issues.
Warehouses and factories also require timely building inspections by a licensed engineer to make sure that they can still support the industrial processes of businesses. Besides ensuring that the interior and major systems are in good condition, the structural assessment also makes sure that the building remains a safe and secure working environment for employees.
Lastly, churches and government buildings are also inspected by a commercial building engineer. A thorough inspection can help ensure the general public’s safety that frequently visits these structures. Several old churches require special maintenance in the preservation of their historical, architectural, and spiritual significance. On the other hand, government buildings need regular inspections to check for any issues that can disrupt the services that people need.
Furthermore, government policies also ensure a more sustainable energy use for government buildings and facilities. A commercial building engineer can also help find opportunities to improve energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption.
To learn more about the different buildings that are inspected by a commercial building engineer, here is an infographic by Lockatong Engineering.
What Kinds of Buildings are Inspected by a Commercial Building Engineer
Infographic Source: https://www.lockatong.com/what-kinds-of-buildings-are-inspected-by-a-commercial-building-engineer

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