Common Causes of Spring Allergies & Treatment Options

Spring comes around every year and, if you are like millions of Americans, that means spring allergies. When your itchy watery eyes, sneezing and other symptoms disrupt your life then it is time to get help from Chacko Allergy, Asthma and Sinus Center.
This infographic compiles information from the allergy specialists from Dr. Chacko’s allergy treatment centers in Georgia. Learn about allergy symptoms, causes, tests and treatments available to you if you are suffering from spring allergies.
You will start by learning more about the causes of spring allergies which range from pollen to insects. Next, you will discover the types of tests that are given to determine what is causing your allergy symptoms. Finally, you will read about the possible treatments that can help alleviate or even eliminate your spring allergies.
Common Causes of Spring Allergies & Treatment Options
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