10 Most Common Types of Home Flooring

Interior design isn’t always an easy task, most especially if you lack the knowledge and skills that will help you get things done correctly. Building your interior design scheme comes with certain considerations and you need to know some basic components, including the types of flooring to choose from.
Floorings make up a huge part of any space. Therefore, your choice of flooring can have a tremendous impact on the overall outcome of your design scheme. Apart from that, it also has to bear foot traffic and the brunt of day to day activities. Without looking into your options well, you will easily end up with choices that will disappoint you when it comes to your expectations and even fail to give satisfactory returns from the amount you have invested in it.
Certainly, you have to know your options to identify which flooring will work for your needs best. And to help you, Lugbill Designs, a high-end interior design firm in Chicago, presents an infographic that shows the different types of flooring and the information you need to know about them.
Types of Home Flooring
Infographic Source: http://blog.lugbilldesigns.com/10-most-common-types-home-flooring/

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