Billion Dollar Companies that Started in Garage

Technologies and social media especially help us to meet new people, to communicate and to get into business. TV, books, Internet and other means of communication have made us vulnerable to success and luxury.
We are more likely to want to sit in a comfortable chair and drink coffee or tea, while our work is being done by someone else. But that wasn’t the same several years ago. Such corporations as Google, Amazon, Apple, and others started in common garages and they gained such a tremendous success.
Disney was really launched in a garage. The same with Apple. And it’s not only about the amazing Apple. Check out this info-graphic about the billion dollar companies that started in garages. It shows their profitable business stories from a garage to the remarkable results in wonderful offices. They did win our attention with their capacity to work hard and creatively. Actually, every medium company tries to repeat what they have done so far. Not many of them succeed. And have you tried?Garage-Companies
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