Complete Plumbing Checklist for New Home Buyers

Everyone’s dream would be to have there own home. For some it will be easy other’s difficulty depending on there financial situation. When buying a home, people give more importance,  property check, such as. checking the titles, property boundaries, and the property itself.

But there may be other things hiding, one such thing is Plumbing.

Here is an infographic shows complete plumbing checklist helps you to know what you need to check before buying a new home

  1. Hot water systems
  2. Water leaks
  3. Sewers & pipes
  4. Water efficiency
  5. Tap the tiles
  6. Roofing & gutters
  7. Plumbing inspection

TIP: Always book a pre-inspection before buying any property and make sure the above areas are thoroughly checked.

Plumbing Checklist for New Home Buyers
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