Contactless Limits Around the World

A map visualisation to the contactless card limits around the world. The UK has recently increased their limit to £100, which is now the highest in Europe, with other European countries who adopt the Euro have a limit of 50 euros (£42).
Canada tops the contactless limit around the world with a limit of 250 CAD which is just below £150, while the United States is just behind with a limit of $200 (£146). The limit is high among the Asian countries of Japan, China and Singapore who all have a limit of over £105 and Australia and New Zealand also sit just above the UK’s limit of £100.
Other world nations have an extremely low limit, with Iran having a limit of 200,000 Iranian Rial which is just over £3! While Chile has the lowest South American limit, the equivalent to £12, while Brazil’s limit is similar to the African nations of Kenya and Uganda who have a limit below £30.
When next travelling abroad, take a look at this world map to see how much you can spend in each nation with just one tap of your card.
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