State of Corporate Data Security 2015-2016

Annually, tech researchers follow the latest trends and state of data security. The state of data security in companies and organizations is treated by leading research centers and institutes as a necessity in every whitepaper and report. This is primarily due to the fact that this topic is practical for end consumers like us and for the IT companies who process our data.
Reports like these give companies the opportunity to further understand the status of data security and serve as caveats to strengthen their data control and process.
Moreover, reports and surveys about the status of data security, whether in premise or in the cloud, are good ways for checks and balances. Now that we live in the fast-paced world of the Internet of Things, the things we use can now send and receive data without human interference — all the more reason for data security and protection to be prioritised by companies.
This infographic from Turrem Data, a reputable security distributor for digital and physical data, will explain the 2015-2016 state of corporate data security.

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