Cost of Camping in Illinois

Using our inventory of over 300 Illinois campgrounds, we’ve found the types of campsites and average nightly price to help you budget your 2021 camping trip! Understand the difference between AA, B/E, and D campgrounds to know if you’ll be able to get a shower before you head home!
After examining the data we were surprised to see:

  • State Parks provide the cheapest option for camping in Illinois, even during peak holiday rates
  • County Forest Preserves offer steep discounts to residents which makes them the most expensive option for non-residents
  • Private campgrounds and State Parks have a wide range of price due to their significant variability in quality and amenities offered
  • Primitive camping is the cheapest form of camping due to its bare bones requirements and minimal infrastructure required to set up

Additional Data Information:

  • Collected January 2021 through manual crawling of campground websites that permit tent camping
  • Campground types taken directly from Illinois Department of Natural Resources campground classifications
  • Private campgrounds refer to campgrounds operated by non-governmental entities

Cost of Camping in Illinois
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