Behind The Scenes: The Cost of Video Production in the Philippines

Did you know that an eye-catching video on your landing page can boost your conversion rates by as much as 80%, according to a study by BigCommerce? The same video production can also increase email marketing click-throughs by 65%! In short, you can expect a great return on investment if your brand goes for a video production.

However, before you dive headfirst into the video production process, you need to have an idea of how big your budget should be! You wouldn’t want to be caught off-guard by the cost of a video production in the Philippines, after all. Having a reference will also help you find the perfect balance between reasonable video production costs and high quality results.

To help you out, here’s an infographic on the cost of video production in the Philippines. This detailed one-stop guide includes estimated costs for common video production creatives, venues, equipment, and even post-production.

It also has a section for DIY video productions, as well as quick tips on cutting costs. And on a minor note, you’ll come across bits of information on video production that you’ll find surprising. Keep an eye out for the cost of hiring a celebrity for your shoot!

Cost of Video Production in the Philippines
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