Coworking Space vs Traditional Offices: A Comparison

Have you always thought that finding a new office is a tedious task? It’s true that it can be stressful and of course, there are difficulties which you might encounter. Not to mention, it can consume a lot of your time.
As soon as you decide to transfer into a new business location, the challenge of finding the right office space also starts. This is especially true if you are very particular about the space where you will do business. Of course, if you have a team, you also have to look into how the office space will affect their productivity and sense of satisfaction.
Previously, business owners are limited to traditional office spaces. But now, new options are already in and one of them is a coworking space. And as you’re left with choosing between traditional office and coworking space, you have to be very careful in weighing the differences between the two.
To help you, here’s an infographic from Alike Coworking Space in Auckland, New Zealand that features the key differences between traditional offices and coworking spaces.
Coworking Space vs Traditional Offices

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