8 Creative Ways to Use Timber Screens in Your Garden

More and more properties nowadays are making use of stylish screens, from laser-cut metal installations with interesting shadows to neatly arranged bamboo rods giving off a tropical aura. If you’re thinking of joining this home trend, you may want to find something that is stylish, sustainable, and highly customizable. How about considering timber screens for your garden?
Timber privacy screens are wonderfully versatile, perfectly able to match any property thanks to their organic texture. Choose from panels made of merbau, white oak, or kempas, and then have your screen finished in with a color of your choice, whether you want a natural look or a walnut or mahogany hue. Aside from that, though, you’ll be surprised at all the ways you can use timber screens in your garden! Add privacy to an otherwise open garden, provide shade without completely blocking out the breeze, or set up a barbecue splashback that your friends and family will rave over.
Are you now considering a timber screen for your garden? Before anything else, take a look at this infographic. Here are 8 creative ways you can use timber screens, together with several handy tips and suggestions you can try to make your garden truly stand out.
Creative Ways to Use Timber Screens in Your Garden

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