Build or Buy? Choosing Between Custom Production Lines and Turnkey Solutions

Does your company need an all-around production line for its brand new manufacturing facility? Or are you looking for a system fitted with cutting-edge equipment to keep your company at the top of its game? Whichever way, you have to find the manufacturing solution that best fits your business needs. This means you’ll have to choose between custom production lines and turnkey solutions for your facility at some point.
Custom production lines are built from scratch to fit your company’s requirements. It involves buying individual machines and arranging them into a functional and scalable assembly line with optimized processes. On the other hand, ready-made turnkey solutions are said to be so complete, they just need to be switched on with a turned key. There may be countless turnkey solutions for any industry, including yours.
Not sure which of these options will best fit your company? Here’s a helpful infographic that compares customized production lines and turnkey solutions, complete with the pros and cons of each. It also includes expert tips to help you make the most of either type of assembly line. Finally, you can read about a third option that has recently emerged among leading suppliers of industrial equipment.
Custom Production Lines and Turnkey Solutions
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