How Custom Typography Creates a Unique Impression on Customers

There are many different tactics for raising your brand awareness. You can use social media marketing, quality local and general SEO, organize events and promotions, but you can also achieve a lot in this area thanks to custom typography. We are going to provide some tips on how custom typography can help you stay memorable in the minds of customers, and how it can help you build your reputation.

Your text will stand out

The main advantage of custom typography is that it is unique, and your current and potential customers have not seen it before. This however, does not imply it is something positive immediately, since people can also dislike new things and changes.

However if you use guidelines for creating a quality font and hire an expert typographer you can easily create an aesthetically pleasing font, which will influence your logo design, and simply stand out. So, go for something new, and something people have not seen over and over again but ensure that it is easy to read and follow.

Your brand becomes more recognizable

When you think about brands and logos, things like Nike’s swoosh, Pepsi’s circle, or Apple’s apple usually first come to mind, among many other things. However, you also think of the logos that consist of letters, like Pinterest or Facebook, and even Google.These are fonts and letters etched in our mind and all of them look unique in their own right. Moreover, these fonts were not teeming with details and over complicated, it is their beautiful minimalism that made them more memorable and recognizable.

It’s easier to be consistent throughout media

As mentioned, you are going to use different campaigns to increase your authority and brand awareness, but you are going to focus on media that support images and videos. For example, social networks, YouTube, maybe television, and flyers, etc.

Since you stand out and people who scroll quickly can notice you easier, you can make a small impression on one front that will be immediately recognized when seen again, and this is how the initial impression is magnified. Your unique style allows you to create a more persistent image that observers will recognize with greater ease.

It is easier to experiment

Finally, logos and typography never remain completely the same throughout the years. In their core, they still retain the same shape, but minor details are added or altered every now and then, just to keep things interesting.

Color is a bit altered, maybe the edges receive a minor edit as well, and basically what you aim for is same but also different in a sense. If you have unique typography this is going to be easier, and don’t worry if you don’t get it right the first time.

Once you discover your custom typography that works, experimentation doesn’t have a major impact on outcomes. It is still necessary though, in order for people to see you are trying new things. Some versions of your logo they will like more, and some they will like less, but both inputs are valuable if you are to develop in the right direction.

To sum up, unique typography is, in a way, necessary nowadays, because the market is now more competitive than ever. There are new online businesses popping up on daily basis, new crowd funded campaigns and projects, thus it is hard for consumers to keep track who is who. With unique typography you can get a step closer to getting noticed and that is definitely a good thing.

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