Cyber Security Stats of 21st Century – Cost of Data Breaches

Cybersecurity threats are lurking worldwide, and even the world’s leading companies are not safe from it. The phenomena of cybersecurity are getting common especially at workplaces. This, however, does not mean that people not working at workplaces are safe.

Insights show that hacking and online privacy breaches are increasing at an alarming rate. There are pieces of evidence that credentials are sold and bought on the dark web; it is crucial to stay protected and vigilant when using the internet.

Almost every app asks to “Allow” them to access your phone. This allowing game has much more than what it appears to be. Have you ever wondered how Facebook serves you with the right ad in your news feed? It is the AI that takes notes when you click a product intentionally or by mistake.

This infographic states all the large scale data breaches. It analyzes, evaluates and monitors all the major cyber attacks in the 21st century. It also states the cost of breach brought on multinational companies.

Cyber Security Stats of 21st Century
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