Cybersecurity Best Practices For Enterprises in 2020

Are you equipped with the cybersecurity best practices that’d been otherwise making your enterprise vulnerable to data loss?

Are such practices embedded right into your company’s culture? Or do you still have a long way to go? Let’s find out.

Here are a few of the common cybersecurity practices that businesses should follow

3 Best Cybersecurity Practices for Enterprises That Actually Works

1. The ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) policy works every time.

Do you allow your employees to use their personal devices to get work done?
Though it is convenient, efficient and saves money, there are downsides to consider too. The most obvious include complex support, potential loss of privacy, and high risk of security in case of theft, thereby leaving your corporate network vulnerable to hackers.

An effective BYOD policy will keep your employees informed about safer mobile usage techniques and how to mitigate risk in case of an attack.

2. Get procedures fixed by your IT department.

There should be set policies about how your employees and stakeholders are using your network, systems, and other assets.

Some of the underlying policies include Acceptable Use Policy, Acceptable Loop Policy, Change Management Policy, Information Security Policy, Incident Response Policy, Remote Access Policy, Email/Communication Policy, Disaster Recovery Policy, and Business Continuity Plan. How many of these are you following?

3. How about hacking yourself?

This one may have taken you by surprise. But, it is one of the best (actually quite creative) ways to detect the loopholes in your security system. You can ask your security research team to scan your system and processes for vulnerabilities and patch them right away.

Wait, there’s more.
Cybersecurity Best Practices For Enterprises in 2020

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