Cybersecurity Tips for Small Businesses

With the increase in cyber attacks targeting businesses, it’s more important than ever to stop such attacks from happening to your business. A recent study by the UK’s Federation for Small Businesses (FSB) found that 20% of small businesses had fallen victim to some form of cybercrime. The study also showed that small businesses suffer from almost 10000 cyberattacks a day, with a single attack costing businesses £1,300 on average.

Not only does it impact the companies financially, but it also has a significant impact on reputation and customer confidence.

However, there are easy ways for businesses to help mitigate cybercrime, from installing anti-virus software on laptops and devices, changing passwords regularly to educating staff. Spending a little time and money getting these in place could save your business from being the next target of cybercrime.

This infographic shows ten essential tips to help protect small businesses against cyber-attacks and data breaches in the workplace.

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