Which App is for you? DComply Co-parenting or Our Family Wizard

One of the most complex parts of co-parenting is tracking all the related expenses. It is already difficult to deal with the mental and emotional stress of the situation, but you have to record the bills you need to send to your spouse, like doctor’s visits, piano lessons, and who paid which ones. There are automated solutions for a quick and easy auto-pay experience to simplify child support payments. Two of the choices you have are DComply Co-parenting and Our Family Wizard. Weighing the benefits of these two is relatively easy; let us tell you why you should go for DComply.

There are several distinct benefits of using DComply to aid your child support payments. It is available for one parent and won’t require your partner to sign up for it, but they can still view and pay the bill in the app without any fees.

There is no data storage free since you’re getting unlimited GB. No transaction fees either, uncomplicated and straightforward. In addition, it is hands-down cheaper even with the full subscription. Without entering your credit card, you can also test the waters with the 100% risk-free trial mode.

Cancel anytime without a fee, no lengthy contract. Enjoy streamlined transaction processes and detailed transaction reports. Plus, there is a handy dispute management feature. It is also mobile-friendly and compatible with any phone. This app can eliminate the stress of co-parenting and make it easier.



Infographic Source: https://www.dcomply.com/our-family-wizard/

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