Defining Objectivity of the Aptitude Tests

Whether a test will be an objective or subjective one is dependent upon the criteria of scoring. Objective test does not give any chance of subjective judgement or opinion in its interpretation. Scoring process is relatively unambiguous in objective test than in subjective test. Objective tests are also known as new type test or limited answer test as they are mostly multiple choice answer type. Here the correct answer is provided with many other distractors.

A subjective test is that in which the items are scored by the competent applicants or observers in such a way that there exists some scope for subjective judgement and opinion. As a consequence of this some elements of ambiguity and vagueness are also incorporated in this procedure of scoring. These tests are also called essay tests.

These tests are implemented to evaluate an applicant’s ability to organize a comprehensive answer, recall and select important information and present the same effectively and logically. In the subjective kind of test the examinees are independent to write and organize an answer to the question so these are also known as free answer tests.


An organization can go for both objective and subjective kinds of tests to be incorporated in their purpose of recruitment and selection. Because these tests when used simultaneously in the assessment of a candidate’s knowledge and skill, provide the best kind of evaluation about the person.

In the subjective kind of test, the applicant usually selects, records, and then organizes his experiences in whichever way he likes, to answer the questions and other similar items presented before him. Whereas in the case of the objective test there are usually multiple answers presented, of which one is correct and the other are mere distractors.

An applicant who is sound in his verbal skills is most likely to be good at speaking his mind out. This would mean he is naturally good in his expression of thoughts, ideas and behaviours with the help of properly structured sentences, a good grasp of grammar and proper use of words.

He is usually expected to be very articulate and have a good store of vocabulary. Such a person is often found extremely fluent in his communication with others. He utilizes clear and apprehensible messages in simple yet distinct form to ease out business.

The verbal ability test is usually constructed of British English, and utilizes this language for the analysis and comprehension of the verbal and written communication, language and literature skills of a person. This test measures the ability to comprehend as well as apply such skills and a good knowledge of vocabulary to handle situations well.

A great store of vocabulary is indeed necessary to utilize accurate word or words, in order to accurately emphasize one’s intention and thoughts. The capability of an individual to construct dramatically sound and sensible sentences is also made sure by this test. This test is usually administered to test the verbal ability is of graduate or undergraduate students and trainees, and also intern profiles across organizations.

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