What’s the Difference Between a Freight Forwarder and a Customs Broker?

In the industry of freight and customs, there is a lot of personnel that supplies the production of a company. In a day to day basis, the number of packages and parcels that are to be delivered on different places are outstandingly increasingly, and with the help of a freight forwarder and a customs broker, the process of being productive and accurate in customer service is no problem. The only question is, how can we differentiate and determine the meaning of the purpose of a freight forwarder and a customs broker.

In this infographic created by Excelsior Worldwide Freight Logistics Corp., we will discuss the critical definition of what a freight forwarder and a customs broker is under their involvement on the supply chain of a freight company. Here are some critical descriptions of what the said job titles are:

Freight Forwarder

  • A freight forwarder is an agent or company that specializes in logistics and shipments transporting good internationally or locally.
  • Freight Forwarders are the ones responsible for handling all the processes when it comes to the exportation of cargo.

Customs Broker

  • Customs brokers are private individuals or a firm that serves as a guide in both exporters and importers in meeting the requirements given by the customs authorities.
  • A customs broker is responsible for submitting all crucial documents like clearances for the shipments to be legally allowed to enter its country of destination.

If you want to learn more about the different definitions and specific area of expertise of a freight forwarder and a customs broker, you may check the infographic linked below.


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