The Difference Between Domestic and Commercial Skips

Knowing which type of skip is best for a project can be difficult. Commercial and Domestic skips differ not only in size, but have unique and separate purposes. In order to know which skip style you’ll need for your upcoming project, Thompson Fuels & Skip Hire have put together a comprehensive guide to outline both types of skips. We provide the cubic yard scale for each, and the different categories that maxi, midi and mini-skips falls under. We also outline which type of project qualifies as either domestic or commercial, with examples of sectors that may use such waste management services. Thompson Fuels & Skip Hire offer both commercial and domestic skips to customers across Doncaster and the surrounding areas. Our qualified team of experts are happy to provide advice and assistance through each step of the project, from the initial permit application to waste management and recycling services, so get in touch today.
Difference Between Domestic and Commercial Skips
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