Different Types of Shutters

In order to prevent outside elements from entering the home and for better security, privacy window shutters are installed. We can say that window shutters are the small investment for our security and privacy. Interior and exterior window shutters are the two main types of window shutters.
Full height shutters cover the window from top to bottom. Full height shutters are the most stylish and elegant types of shutters.They provide the complete privacy and also helps to reduce the noise from outside. Whereas, tier on tier shutters are the extremely versatile and are designed in a way that two separate panels can work independently.
Shaped shutters are the customized window shutters that can fit in any shape of window like oval, circle, triangle etc. On the other hand, cafe style window shutters provide maximum light and better level of privacy. Here we have listed few more types of window shutters along with their key aspects.
Different Types of Shutters
Infographic Source: https://artblinds.co.uk/different-types-shutters/

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