Digital Minimalism: Habits & Tips to Declutter Your Devices

Do you want to declutter your digital life? How much is enough when it comes to technology?

Digital minimalism is about balancing your online time to avoid interference with productivity. You need to focus on the tools that positively influence your life. Instead of wasting time on apps that affect your work and social interactions, you’d better form habits that improve your quality of life and well-being.

Are you a creative person or a fitness enthusiast? Your personality traits can help you pick healthy digital and offline habits to diversify your pastime. Understanding your core values will help you choose the right apps on your device instead of social media and other time drainers.

Therefore, we recommend starting your path to digital minimalism with a digital detox. Do away with tools and apps that drain your energy. Whether a social media app or a betting site, ensure you stay away from these resources for an extended period to gain clarity about their real value.

We have compiled the infographic below with insightful tips to help you understand digital minimalism and develop a workable strategy to adopt it in your daily routines.


habits to digital minimalism

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