Discovering Flores de Mayo: How Well Do You Know the Queens of Santacruzan?

The month of May is the month of festivals in the Philippines. However, more than anything it is a celebration of Flores de Mayo. Held across the archipelago, Flores de Mayo is perhaps the most popular festival celebrated throughout the country. And its highlight is the Santacruzan which is celebrated with such pomp and gaiety and even graced by movie stars and celebrities.

To clarify things, Flores de Mayo is a month-long feast for the Immaculate Conception. It is celebrated by offering flowers to the Virgin Mary daily which is commonly done by young girls dressed in white. Santacruzan on the other hand is the culmination of the feast.

It is when town beauties dressed in their best portray biblical characters and women figures in Christian history. This is done to celebrate the finding of the Holy Cross by Queen Helena.

Watching this procession, an uninitiated would be surprised by dozens of queens holding various symbols. You’d be left asking who are they and what are they holding? Why this queen holds a decapitated head. Why that queen holds a huge rosary? To answer these questions, here’s an infographic from M2Comms detailing some information about Flores de Mayo, as well as the queens and the symbols they hold.

Discovering Flores de Mayo

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