DIY: How to replace a Shower Head

Moving to a new place, either rented or your real new place, which you have bought for yourself and/or your family, requires certain changes. When you enter your newly bought flat, first you start feeling an incredible amount of joy and exhilaration. Then you realize how many things need to be redone, refurbished and bought that the whole feeling of joy calms down a little bit and you start thinking rationally.

Among the first things that are to be done when in possession of a new place are those basic works, such as flooring, wall painting and plumbing. All these actions call for a planned and detailed attitude. These repairs require more skills and experience. If you wish to replace whole taps, you need to master the tube plan of the whole bathroom and become aware of important paths the tubes go. Apart from that, you need to be aware of the fact that everything in the bathroom is under pressure. That means that replacing any taps or gaskets must be done very carefully to avoid severe damages caused by uncontrolled water jet flow.

how to replace a Shower Head

Plumbing repairs and replacements can be done by professionals, as well. If you do not have enough time for that fuss and your budget allows you, simply call the most adequate plumbing service, tell them what they should do and let them do it. On the other hand, some easier tasks can be done without professional expertise. Such things are replacing a toilet lid or changing an old shower head. These two items are quite problematic, since they can be a source of various diseases and they should be among the first objects that must be swapped in a new bathroom. When it comes to the toilet lid, the procedure is quite simple – you take a wrench, unscrew the nuts, take off the lid, put a new one and screw the new nuts.

The shower head, however, is a little bit trickier. It is not the most demanding task you have come across in your lifetime, but it does call for patience and some time. The above infographic shows the four steps.

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