DIY Teeth Whitening Solutions That May Actually Cause Damage

A lot of people are attracted to the idea of instant, cheap teeth whitening. Visit one store and you’ll be treated to rows of shelves, teaming with DIY teeth whitening products, each promising a faster way to achieve whitened teeth.
But, the truth is, while many find some success with these quick-fix products, they can also be possibly dangerous to the mouth, taking a great toll not only on your pocket but your oral health as well. No matter how easy and safe DIY teeth whitening solutions may seem to be, there is a range of disadvantages involved.
Misuse of these treatments can result to permanent damage and problems such as toothache, mouth infections, and even nerve damage and stomach issues. The list of the side effects of DIY teeth whitening solutions goes on – and in this infographic, Classic Smiles, a provider of cosmetic dental services in Sydney, tries to reveal them all.
DIY Teeth Whitening Solutions

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