Always Online: Do Smartphones Ruin a Work-Life Balance?

Smartphones have seen countless advancements over the years. No longer do they simply act as a source to verbally connect with others, but instead, they offer a whole host of features. From gaming applications to camera capabilities to social applications – they can do it all! However, what must be considered with these advancements is how our lives are adapting in accordance. It is rare that we are ever without our device – meaning that we can always be reached by our family and friends but additionally our professional contacts.
Our phones have developed into a professional resource by allowing for constant communication via channels such as email or messaging services. What’s more, we can mostly access any working documents due to platforms such as Google Drive and Dropbox making them universally accessible. So, how does this affect our work-life balance? And how do we employ healthy habits to ensure that we do not overwork ourselves? Find out in loveit coverit’s bespoke research project.
Do Smartphones Ruin a Work-Life Balance
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