Do You Need A Plumber Or Heating Engineer

There are 27 million homes in the UK, nearly all of them have running water, while 22 million of those homes utilise Gas for their heating supply.

Running water is corrosive, and burning Gas creates dirt and soot. Both will eventually cause issues with your Plumbing or Gas supply.

When you have a water or a gas issue at home, do you need a Plumber or Heating Engineer?

A Plumber primarily deals with the water system, while Heating Engineers deal with the Gas/Heating system. However, central heating systems use water, so Plumbers’ and Heating engineer skill sets often cross over so they can work on both water and gas systems.

If you have a Plumbing issue, such as a blocked drain or a broken toilet, then you need a Plumber.

If you have a gas issue, such as a Broken Boiler, you need a Gas Engineer or a Plumber who also has Gas Safe Registration.

This infographic will help you decide if you need a Plumber or Heating Engineer based on the Job you need to be done or the issues you are facing at home.


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