Top Nerdy Dog Names of 2015

Today more people than ever are celebrating their “nerdiness,” and one way to do it is with a geeky dog name. The creators of My Dog’s Name have seen an uptick of users selecting so-called nerdy dog names and have compiled the top options of 2015.

So what exactly is a nerdy dog name? The site categorizes these as related to technology, science fiction, fantasy and video games, the essence of geekdom.
The list breaks out the top nerdy girl dog names, nerdy boy dog names, techie dog names, sci-fi and fantasy dog names.

The results surprised us. Arya and Sansa, popular characters on Game of Thrones, have quickly risen to the top of the list. Meanwhile, classics like Buffy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Yoda from Star Wars and Hermione from Harry Potter continue to rank. Take a look at the top nerdy dog names of 2015 and see if you agree!

Dog Names 2015

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