DTP – Define the Pielationship

Pizza and Valentine’s Day are a natural match. In fact, pizza is the perfect match with almost any festivity. You can combine the delicious taste of this Italian dish with everyone and at any time. However, if we throw Valentine’s Day in the mix, the pizza allure becomes stronger. From the heart-shaped dough to the yummy toppings, pizza can make a magical celebration even more special.

Regardless of your relationship status, now might be the time for you to define your “pielationship” status. Are you single and ready to mingle like a cheese pizza? Or perhaps you’re already deep in a relationship and prefer the comfort of a long term relationship, kind of like a deep dish pizza? Whatever the case may be, our Infographic will have an answer for you. Who knows, you might even learn something about yourself in the process.
Read on to define your “”pielationship”” status.

Pielationship Valentine’s Day
Infographic Source: https://blog.slicelife.com/define-the-pielationship/

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