Business Text Archiving – International Comparison of Dual SIM Technology Adoption

When dual SIM technology was introduced in 2000, many mobile users, especially business travelers, have found a solution that will eliminate the need for them to pay for expensive call, text, and data roaming charges. Almost two decades after, dual sim tech has taken over the mobile landscape and is now a standard feature in most smartphones, especially Android devices.
In Asia, there are 83.67% of Android users which explains why several Asian countries hold the biggest numbers of dual SIM users. In contrast, the western nations such as the US and the U.K. which are iPhone-dominated countries, have the lowest percentage of dual-sim phone users. However, the possibilities are seen for iPhones to have the dual SIM feature, as they put into operation the eSIM technology in line with their latest version of iPhone XS and XS Max.
This technology breakthrough enables every user to use two different mobile numbers on their device. Hence, they can accommodate both personal and business-related messages and calls. And, with this feature, the user can also relish the opportunity of consuming the best offers from two different carriers in one device.
These and more of the benefits and trends about dual SIM technologies are available below,check out the infographics from TeleMessage.
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