Dubious locksmiths – this is how you recognize them?

So many locksmith services around in our emergency service industry who work with various possible tricks to take advantage of people in need. However, you can identify them by a few features that we would like to introduce to you here:

  • Lock offers: € 30 for a lock
  • Mention of net prices / prices without arrival / departure
  • Promises that the handyman will be there in 15 minutes
  • The locksmith does not give his full company name, his address.
  • Lack of identity checks before starting work
  • Attempted sale of unnecessary and expensive lock cylinders Pretending that the door is extremely difficult to open in order to be able to bill more time

Our tip in advance: It is best if you are looking for a reputable locksmith NOW – and not only when it is too late. You can save the phone number now and call it up if necessary.
Dubious locksmiths
Infographic Source: https://schlosserprofis24.ch/info/unserioese-schl-sseldienste-so-erkennst-du-sie-koennen

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