Embroidery Patch Tattoos are a Thing!

Are you looking to get a new and unique but also traditional tattoo that will get people looking? Then consider an embroidery patch tattoo. This new design gives off the illusion of popping off of your skin with its impressive stitched on appearance.

An embroidery patch tattoo looks like a patch or badge that you would traditionally sew onto a bag or item of clothing. They use simple 2D designs such as flowers, cartoon characters, animals and food items. Images using bold, bright colours and solid blacks give this tattoo design its authentic look.

Patch tattoos are becoming increasingly popular, but there are still a limited number of artists who can effectively carry out the design. So, if you are interested in this new style, make sure you do your research and reach out to tattoo parlours in advance to have a detailed consultation before getting inked.

Read more on embroidery patch tattoo’s here.


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