Endometriosis Awareness Month

The month of March is a busy one for endometriosis campaigners around the world. It is when activities related to Endometriosis Awareness Month reach a fever pitch. Held throughout the year, the initiative has a simple mandate. To make more and more people aware of endometriosis and the impact it has on women’s health.
The disease affects close to 180 million women around the world every year. Moreover, a majority of these women are of reproductive age. In fact, endometriosis is the number one cause of women’s infertility. But there is a more pressing reason as to why awareness about the disease needs to grow wider and deeper; and that is ignorance.
This is why in most endometriosis cases, the disease is correctly diagnosed after 7.5 years of the symptoms making their first appearance. These symptoms are mistakenly believed to be part of the menstruation process, which further hampers quick and timely diagnosis.
Endometriosis Awareness Month pushes for greater awareness of this disease and the societal cost it poses.
Endometriosis Awareness Month
Infographic Source: http://www.progenesisivf.com/blog/endometriosis-awareness/

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